What Can We Do?

The world has radically changed over the past several decades. We now have to contend with a tsunami of fake news, hostile nations looking to undermine our democracy, a ratings obsessed media, and a political system dominated by dollars.

At the same time, money is flowing out of the pockets of working Americans and into the accounts of the ultra-wealthy.

What can we do?

I believe the best way to stop the spread of lies, fear, and intolerance is through the power of good ideas. We must show our nation a compelling alternative that they can believe in.

We need to refocus America on the issues that matter. Only by addressing the underlying conditions that have divided us can we come together and move forward again.

My aim is to kickstart this process. I’ve laid out Our Vision, and I’m convinced that we can reinvent government. But we need to organize and take action.

Join me in this effort, and let’s set America on a new path forward.

Steve Hoffman
Captain of Lead America Forward

Photo by Sophie Potyka on Unsplash