Our Mission


  • Mobilize all Americans to change our government so that it reflects our values, beliefs and aspirations.
  • Reform the Democratic Party so it becomes a party of the people again and speaks in a voice we can all get behind.
  • Back candidates who share our values and will speak out, take risks, and stand up for what we know is right.
  • Take back the Congress with representatives who place the interests of the people above special interests.
  • Bring in new talents, ideas and technology to remake our political, educational and economic systems.
  • Take back the White House in 2020 and make America “good” again!

About Us

Steven Hoffman founded Defend Our Democracy™ after Donald Trump’s election in an effort to affect meaningful and permanent change to our political system. It is a new and evolving endeavor open to all Americans who feel passionately that we are on the wrong course and must act now to change our direction.