Lead America Forward

I’m on a mission to battle the wave of corruption, intolerance, and fake news that clog our media and mislead the public.

Instead of blaming immigrants, erecting useless walls, and starting trade wars, we need to address the real problems working Americans face every day.

First, we need to…

    • Enact a livable minimum wage that allows parents to support their families without working two or more jobs.

    • Provide affordable healthcare for all Americans–not some halfway measures.

    • Launch an Apollo Project for climate change. If we can put an American on the moon, we can figure out how to reverse global warming.

    • Identify and discredit fake news before it undermines our democracy. Without accurate information, a democracy cannot function.

    • Cut taxes on the middle class, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, while getting big corporations and the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share.

    • Eliminate red tape and useless regulations, while protecting our environment, our health, and American workers.

    • Put an end to corporate welfare and wasteful government programs.

    • Retrain our workforce for the digital age so no one willing to learn is left behind.

    • Make higher education free for all top performing students so they can have a chance at a better future without incurring crippling debt.

Next, we must…

    • Institute real campaign finance reform, so only US citizens, not corporations and special interests, can fund our elections.

    • Ban the revolving door between business and government. This is nothing less than legalized bribery.

    • Put people in office who truly care about America and our future–not just lining their own pockets.

Only by addressing these systemic issues can we reinvent our government and lead our nation forward.

By tapping the brightest minds in our country, together we can change the system. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is beyond our reach. It’s our democracy, and when we unite, we have the power.

I’m not beholden to any special interests groups, and I don’t have a political career to protect. My only concern is the American people and the institutions that protect our hard won freedoms.

You may not agree with every position I take, but if you share the same core values, then join me in the fight to reimagine what America can be.

Steve Hoffman
Captain of Lead America Forward

Photo by Vek Labs on Unsplash