Gun Violence

All Americans can agree on one simple thing: We don’t want guns in the hands of criminals or the mentally ill. It’s that simple.

It’s fine for law-abiding citizens to own a gun and keep it at home for their protection, but we need to rethink how guns are manufactured, distributed, and sold if we are to have any hope of reducing the number of horrendous school shootings and other atrocities happening all around us.

Don’t fall prey to misinformation. We can solve this problem right now. The gun lobby is just trying to scare Americans into inaction.

Every day that we do nothing costs more American lives. The civilian gun death rate in the United States is nearly 5 times that of Canada, 35 times that of the United Kingdom, and 53 times that of Japan. Gun violence is out of control in this country, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just look at the state of Massachusetts, which implemented a rational policy for managing firearms. It simply treats using a gun like driving a car: every owner is required to register and obtain a license. Massachusetts now reports the lowest gun death rates in the United States, with only 3.6 gun-deaths per 100,000 people in 2016.

But we can go further. The fact is that the technology exists today to manufacture smart guns that can only be used by the registered owner. This means innocent children and criminals that get their hands-on guns, wouldn’t be able to use them. We can also require a license to buy ammunition.

A combination of these measures will help America significantly reduce gun-related deaths.

Photo by DxL on Unsplash