Our Future

America is not investing enough in our future. We’ve neglected our infrastructure, cut spending on education, underfunded our most prominent research institutions, and undereducated our youth, just as other countries are ramping up.

Competitors are now pumping vast sums of money into attracting the world’s top scientists, funding tech parks, establishing research centers, and supporting startups, while our government drags its feet.

We can’t rest on our past achievements. We must mobilize for the future. We must invest more in technological development, train and recruit the best scientists in the world, accelerate research and development of the next generation of technologies, and prepare Americans for the jobs of the future.

This means upgrading our workforce, revamping our educational system, investing in entrepreneurship, double our investment in core research, and leading the world in bold, new ideas. We must use our nation’s great wealth to ensure that we remain #1 and lead the world into the next century.

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Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash