Fascism is on the rise around the world. We now see that fascist governments have risen to power in Democracies like Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil, Philippines, Turkey, and more.

In the United States, hate crimes jumped 17% last year. As someone who lost entire branches of his family in the Holocaust, this is all too real for me.

Our government needs to speak out on this issue, denounce fascism and racism in all its forms, and act as an example the world can follow. Every American should join together now on this issue.

We are a decent people. Our values include loving thy neighbor, helping the poor, and giving sanctuary to the defenseless. It’s enshrined in our constitution that all Americans are created equal.

As a nation, we must have zero tolerance for intolerance. Anything less goes against our core values and weakens our democracy.

Photo by Sasan Rashtipour on Unsplash