Our defense is paramount. We are the world’s leading democracy, and we must maintain military supremacy in order to lead–not follow others. Without it, we cannot ensure a stable world and protect ourselves and our allies.

I’m worried that our isolationist policies will lead to catastrophic results down the road.

• We have dropped the ball on NATO, while allowing Russia to gain the upper hand in Europe.

• We have embraced Kim Jun Un, North Korea’s brutal dictator, while failing to clearly lay out a plan for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

• We have backed out of our nuclear deal with Iran, without an alternative in place or the support of our allies.

• We are pulling our troops out of Syria and Afghanistan against the advice of our most experienced generals.

I’m afraid this leaves us in a weakened position with fewer options. Instead of retreating into isolationism, we need a stronger global presence and proactive policies that engage our allies, strengthen NATO, stabilize the Middle East, and curb the territorial ambitions of aggressive nations.

Photo by UX Gun on Unsplash