Climate Crisis

It’s an undeniable fact that ignoring climate change will only make matters worse. However, instead of dealing with this disaster, corrupt politicians are letting polluters increase greenhouse gas emissions and pocket the profits. If we fail to put a stop to this, all of us will pay the price.

It’s hard to get anyone to agree on anything, but when 99% of the scientists in the world tell us that our carbon emissions are leading to catastrophic climate change, we’d better listen.

America is the biggest per-capita polluter in the world, and it’s up to us to lead the way forward. It’s better to spend billions now than trillions later to deal with rising sea levels, hurricanes, droughts, crop failures, and other climate-induced disasters.

Just like John F. Kennedy made it a priority to put Americans on the moon, we need to make it our priority to lead the world in reducing global carbon emissions and fighting climate change. Only with an Apollo Program for climate change can we hope to avert a worldwide disaster.

This investment will not only create jobs and enable Americans to take the lead on developing new energy sources and green technologies, but it will dramatically improve our air quality, reduce deaths from diseases like lung cancer, and provide for a better and more stable world.

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Photo by Dikaseva on Unsplash