5 Initiatives to Move Us Forward

We are at a critical time in our country’s evolution. We need to advance along the right path or risk irrelevance in the future. Our security and prosperity aren’t guaranteed in a highly competitive and rapidly developing world. So what can we do now?

• How do we grab a larger slice of the information economy?

• How do we retrain American workers for high tech careers?

• What can we do to encourage more entrepreneurship?

• Which technologies will be vital to our future and how do we develop these?

Here are five initiatives that will help us move forward:

1) We should make education a lifelong pursuit. All of us should have access to the next generation of AI-powered educational services online.

2) We should start teaching our kids how to innovate. Creativity and collaboration matter more than memorizing facts for an exam. Design, project management, computer coding, creative writing, and critical thinking are the skills that will be in most demand in the future.

3) We should develop innovation clusters where we train blue collar workers to fill positions in tech startups and emerging industries that reside within the same technology park.

4) We should offer significant support to entrepreneurs at the early stages, so they can take risks, hire people, and pioneer the next generation of products and services.

5) We should accelerate investment in our core infrastructure and new technologies, including agricultural technologies, AI, Big Data, semiconductors, media, e-commerce, medical devices, biotech, nanotech, fintech, spacetech, and so on.

Steve Hoffman
Captain of Lead America Forward

Photo by Isai Ramos on Unsplash