Defend Our Democracy

“A democracy that deceives its people is not a democracy.” — Captain Hoff


A democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If a democracy consistently fails to act in the interests of the people, it is no longer a democracy.

Unfortunately, America is no longer as free as it was. Lobbyists and special interests now have so much power they can buy legislation, manipulate the judiciary, and consistently override the will of the people.

For example…

• Two-thirds of Americans see the impending climate crisis as a serious threat, yet the oil and coal lobbies have bought the White House and are now rolling back all efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. — The Guardian

• The majority of Americans want Medicare-for-all, yet big pharma, big med and insurance companies have blocked single-payer healthcare for decades. — MarketWatch

• Nine out of ten of Americans favor expanded background checks when buying a gun, yet legislators beholden to the gun lobbies refuse to act. — US News & World Report

It doesn’t stop there…

The vast majority of our laws are being written by and for lobbyists. This isn’t what the founders of our country intended. It’s not what Americans want. And it’s undermining our democratic system.

Only by organizing and asserting our rights as American citizens can we change this. Join the fight, and let’s take back our democracy.

Steve Hoffman
Captain of Defend Our Democracy

Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash